The fastest way to test and certify for Zelle.

Eliminate countless hours of test environment setup and maintenance by using Zimulator, an end-to-end Zelle® simulator.

To be certified for Zelle...

you have to pass the evaluation, and you must be recertified with every new major version.

This means you need a testing environment for your integration, which is no small thing.

You have to:

  • Build your own testing environment.
  • Simulate real transactions to make sure that your integration is working.
  • Keep up with changes to the Zelle platform.

Ongoing maintenance of a Zelle testing environment is costly and time-consuming.

  • Eats up development time
  • Can extend your implementation timeline

That's why we created Zimulator.

We’ve used our experience implementing Zelle to create a lifelike Zelle simulator that enables you to rigorously test your integration, prepare for certification, and even train your support staff.


Plug in one URL to hook your integration into the full test environment.


Use the Bank of Zim to simulate the other end of test transactions.


Experience our simulated administration dashboard to test scenarios, prepare you for certification, and aid in training your support staff.

No hardware.
No setup.
No maintenance.

  • Decreased integration timeline
  • Higher efficiency in testing and certification
  • Test against the newest specifications before they are publicly available

We built Zimulator because we have been in your shoes.

If you're ready to stand on our shoulders, let's talk.

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